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Welcome to Mr. Jurel's Introductory Biology Course!

Each week, review the syllabus section entitled "Schedule of Deliverables" for an overview of the material we will be covering and a list of that week's gradable activities.

If questions arise at any time - Ask!  The only truly stupid question is the one left unasked!

I am looking forward to a wonderful collaborative year of learning with you all! ~ Mr. Jurel


This course meets the Massachusetts State standards for biology. These standards state that at the end of this course:

Students will understand:

  • That living organisms interact with one another and their environment. 
  • That all organisms are composed of one or more cells that are made of molecules, come from preexisting cells, and perform life functions.
  • The relationship between structure and function of organs and organ systems.
  • That genetic information coded in DNA is passed from parents to offspring by sexual and asexual reproduction. The basic structure of DNA is the same in all living things. Changes in DNA may alter genetic expression.
  • That biological diversity is a result of evolutionary processes.


The book for this course is available online at:  To use this resource and others on the C-12 site please register at CK-12 and join the group I set up for class by following this link: .  

We will be using the text linked above along with other online and print resources as the basis for this course.


Rubrics will be provided for each assignment when appropriate.

Basic Grading Schema

  • Weekly Assignments (May include Discussions, Worksheets, Essays, etc.) - 35%

  • Weekly Quizzes (May be delivered in class or online) - 15%

  • Laboratory Assignments - 35%

  • Quarterly Projects - 15%


If you would like to speak with me in person, the best time to find me is just before or after class. We can either speak then or set up an appointment for later in the day. I can also be found periodically during the school day in my office (Room 102B in the Science Wing).

We will be using the Canvas course site as our primary means of out of class communication. Be sure to edit your Canvas profile to configure when and how you receive notifications!

Schedule of Deliverables (Assignments)

Course Summary:

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